Vision Screening

Kindergarten- 6th grade

The purpose of a school vision screening program is to identify students with visual impairments. Visual problems can and do affect the educational, social and emotional development of children. Early detection of vision problems assures the child of the opportunity of taking the best advantage of his/her educational opportunities.

IMPORTANT: Vision screening is not diagnostic, but is a practical approach to identifying children needing professional eye services. If there is a possible impairment detected, a referral will be completed and sent home to provide the parents an opportunity to schedule an examination with an eye specialist. 

Hearing Screening

Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade

The purpose of a school hearing screening program is to determine the response to discrete frequencies presented at a specified decibel level. Early detection of hearing problems assures the child of the opportunity of taking best advantage of his/her educational opportunities. 

IMPORTANT: Hearing screening is not diagnostic, but is a practical approach to identifying children needing professional examination by a physician or audiologist. If there is possible impairment detected, a referral will be completed and sent home to provide parents an opportunity to schedule an examination with a physician. 

The Pennsylvania Public School Code requires certain school health services for all children of school age, regardless of the school setting. This page focuses on the physical examinations and health screenings.


Growth Screening

Kindergarten- 6th grade

Growth screening enables school health professionals to monitor growth and development patterns of students, identify students who may be at nutritional risk or who may have a common nutritional problem, and notify parents/guardians of screening results with a recommendation to share findings with the student’s health care provider for further evaluation and intervention, if necessary.

Scoliosis Screening

6th grade

The purpose of the scoliosis screening program is to detect possible curvature of the spine in children. If the condition is detected early and appropriately treated, progressive spinal deformity may be prevented. The screening test is very simple and can be performed in less than a minute. A trained screener will check your child’s back by observing it while your child is standing and bending forward. You will be contacted if there is any reason to have your child examined by your pediatrician, family physician, or orthopedist. To assure a view of the spine, we will request that students expose their backs during screening. It is recommended that boys wear a shirt that can be easily removed. Girls should wear a bra, bathing suit top, or tank-top under a blouse or sweater. 

IMPORTANT: Students who have had a sixth grade physical examination completed may be counted as a completed scoliosis screen. It is not required that the school rescreen these students.

Physical and Dental Services 

Physical Exams and Dental Exams are provided during the school year by the school physician and school dentist. 

Please know that if your child's exams are not completed and turned into the health office by the scheduled date of the in-school exams, your child will be examined by the providers at school. It is recommended that these examinations are completed by your family physician/dentist as he/she can best evaluate your child's health and assist you in obtaining necessary treatment.

IMPORTANT:  Vaccinations are not provided as a part of physical exam services at school. It is still necessary to have an examination completed with your physician in a timely manner in order to receive mandated vaccinations.